Are you a health worker or an NGO member supporting Maternal, Infants and Young Child Nutrition during COVID-19 pandemic? You will enjoy this counselling package in different languages, including in French and English.

Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) counselling in the context of COVID-19 remains a critical nutrition intervention for the protection and support of pregnant women, caregivers, and their young children.

This package reflects the global recommendations from WHO and UNICEF on IYCF in the context of COVID-19. It provides both easy-to-understand recommended practices  in different languages, including in French and in English, for counsellors and user-friendly graphics that can be used with low-literacy communities in different contexts.

One thought on “Infant and Young Child Feeding Recommendations When COVID-19 is Suspected or Confirmed”

  1. Mother’s should breastfeed their children very well to bost their immune system. For the body to be able to fight any invading parasite.

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