Formation / Training

Introductory Course on Risk Communications and Community Engagement

Welcome to an introductory course on Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) for COVID-19. Specific to West and Central Africa, the course introduces RCCE principles, best practices, rumour management and steps for developing an RCCE plan. Students will also be guided towards resources to support the design and implementation of RCCE activities.

Take the course

Online: The RCCE e-learning takes 60 minutes to complete. Start the course.

Offline: The RCCE course handbook can be printed and followed at your own pace. Download the handbook.

Give the course

Want to build RCCE capacity in the areas you work? Conduct the two hour in-person training using the downloadable Presentation Slides and Facilitator’s Notes. Don’t forget to give the RCCE course handbook to your students for reference.

If you have questions or feedback on the course, please contact Mia Barrett at